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Why Drug Testing in the Workplace is Important

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Employees are expected to come to work to perform a specific job for a specified number of hours. They’re expected to come to the job fully rested and coherent, ready to tackle the duties of their position productively each day. Drugs and alcohol affect the employee’s ability to produce work and increases the safety of everyone in the facility. Sadly, many people use these substances and come to work under the influence. That’s why many companies are using drug testing houston tx to help them combat the problem.

drug testing houston tx

Employee drug testing ensures that you aren’t paying anyone to come to the workplace to have a good time or risk causing injury to other people. Other benefits that companies enjoy when drug testing is used include:

·    Less missed days from work

·    Enhanced productivity/profits

·    Increased safety

·    Fewer injuries

·    Less workplace violence

·    Reduced risk of safety violations

·    Reduced insurance costs

The benefits of drug testing listed above are only some of the many that should entice you to initiate a drug policy at the workplace if one is not in place already.  Drug testing employees can change the way that you do business for the better. Most employers drug test when hiring a new employee to come on board with the team and after workplace accidents and injuries. However, more and more employers are also choosing to give employees random drug screenings just to keep things safe.

Drug test costs are low, despite what some people think. And, the amount of money that is saves the company is significant. Perhaps it is time to sit down and rethink the way that you do business. Consider drug testing to keep everyone in the workplace safe and benefit your company in many significant ways.