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Opting for an Open MRI

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open MRI scanner

When you are told by a doctor that you must go through an MRI to determine what is causing your symptoms, you may be a little bit apprehensive. Many people deal with issues related to claustrophobia when they are put into an MRI machine. The good news is that an open MRI could be the answer to your problems. Here are a few reasons why opting for an open MRI scanner for the tests is the ideal solution.

More Space

The clue is in the word – an open MRI gives you a lot more space when you are inside the machine. It means that you will not feel as though you are trapped in a closed space when you are going through the test. It is also helpful for people who may be overweight, as they could have issues fitting into a regular MRI machine without some discomfort.

Having Support

If you get nervous during any type of test, whether it is an MRI or a routine X-ray, you may want someone to be there with you. During an open MRI scan, you are in an area where you can have your family or close friend right next to you. It is not going to interfere with the results and it will allow you to have the support that you need.

Managing a Child

Sometimes kids have to go through the MRI machine if they are feeling sick and a doctor is not sure what is wrong. If you have a child who gets scared in these situations or has a hard time sitting still, you will have a much better experience if you are putting them through an open MRI machine. You will be able to keep an eye on your kid and ensure they do exactly as the doctor asks.