Should You Schedule Fluoride Treatments?

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Fluoride is a mineral naturally found on the teeth. It prevents cavities from forming on the teeth and fights bacteria that harm the mouth.  The amount of fluoride that is naturally produced usually isn’t enough to prevent tooth decay. Anyone, including children, can benefit from fluoride treatments lancaster from their dentist to help keep their teeth in the best condition.  Once every 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, schedule fluoride treatments and protect the appearance and health of your teeth.

fluoride treatments lancaster

Fluoride treatments help prevent cavities that form on the teeth from bacteria that build up on the teeth and the gums. This bacteria is caused by the foods that we eat, the things that we drink, and our environment and the bacteria that is already present in our mouths.  A sticky layer of plaque forms on the teeth that turns into an acid. This acid erodes the teeth and the gum tissue and can break down the enamel on the teeth that protects them. Furthermore, the bacteria can damage the nerves in each tooth.

A fluoride treatment is fairly simple and pain free.  It only takes a few minutes to apply tea fluoride to the teeth, where you get months of treatment. There are a few different forms of fluoride treatments available. Each dentist uses is preferred choice, which options include gel, rinse, and varnishes. Dentists apply fluoride using a brush or a swab, although other application options are available.

Fluoride benefits the teeth in many ways. It protects the teeth and inhibits the growth of bacteria on the teeth in the future. It makes the surface of the teeth stronger, which prevents decay from penetrating deep within the teeth and nerves.  A study found that people who use fluoride treatments are 43% less likely to develop cavities than people who do not.